Knock and Knowall interview Kim & Lee about Purple Kittens album

Knock and Knowall interview Kim & Lee about their new album Purple Kittens

We talk to Kimberley Rew (Soft Boys, Katrina & The Waves) and Lee Cave-Berry about their smashing new album Purple Kittens, song by song!

One recurring complaint that I see on social media, from [aging] friends and strangers alike, is that no one makes good music anymore. Today’s music is often referred to as soulless, too technology driven, vacuous garbage, disposable and just plain annoying. The fact is, though, that there our gobs of people out there, making fantastic music, that thrills, touches, and takes you back to our youthful days of discovery. This music is no longer served up to us by deejays like Jim Ladd and Bob Coburn in the US, and Tony Blackburn and John Peel in the UK, we have to go looking for it.

Two people that are still making sensational music are Kimberley Rew, formerly the founder of and principle songwriter for Katrina and the Waves, as well as lead guitarist for the seminal post punk, neo-psychedelic band The Soft Boys, and his wife, bassist, nonpareil, and singer Lee Cave-Berry.

After taking a pause last year to look back on twenty plus years of wonderful music with Sunshine Walkers: The Best of Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry, Kim and Lee are ready to unleash the first of two new albums of original material, Purple Kittens.

Purple Kittens is an analog  tour de force of songwriting and expert musicianship, delivered in  numerous styles encompassing 50s, 60s and 70s rock and roll, folk and even jazz.  Every song is an infectious ear worm that will compete for space in your cranium. When you get to the end, you’ll play it again.


By Eric Sandberg

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