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I Can Be Any Woman - the new single from the album Purple Kittens...

Growing Up Song / Wrong Song - the double A single from the album Purple Kittens.

Simple Pleasures

From the recent album Sunshine Walkers

Buy the Sunshine Walkers album online here.

Crunching the Catalogue

Welcome to Crunching the Catalogue with Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry. The idea is, you send us a request for one of our songs- we record a straight off the bat performance of it, in our Bat Cave (or spare room), and put it on YouTube, with a dedication, plus the answer to any hopefully relevant question you might have.

Kimberley Rew's song Love Shine A Light - Performed by all contestants at Eurovision 2020

Eurovision 2020 was renamed Europe Shine A Light. Competition was put to one side during the COVID-19 lockdown and instead every contestant took part remotely in a joint performance of the UK’s winning 1997 composition by Kimberly Rew – Love Shine A Light

A tongue in cheek song from Kim & Lee

.. could be our new national anthem .. very popular live.. we love England really…