Crunching the Catalogue

YouTube Premiere Monday 22nd February 4pm GMT

Welcome to Crunching the Catalogue with Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry. The idea is, you send us a request for one of our songs- we record a straight off the bat performance of it, in our Bat Cave (or spare room), and put it on YouTube, with a dedication, plus the answer to any hopefully relevant question you might have.

Christmas classic-in-waiting - 'All I Want Is You For Christmas'

From the new Kim & Lee download-only 4-track EP of the same name – available now!

A tongue in cheek song from Kim & Lee

.. could be our new national anthem .. very popular live.. we love England really…

Kimberley Rew's song Love Shine A Light - Performed by all contestants at Eurovision 2020

Eurovision 2020 was renamed Europe Shine A Light. Competition was put to one side during the COVID-19 lockdown and instead every contestant took part remotely in a joint performance of the UK’s winning 1997 composition by Kimberly Rew – Love Shine A Light

A tongue in cheek song from Kim & Lee

Live stream from Kim & Lee’s front room – for The Wednesday Session, Cambridge UK
Wednesday 13th May 2020