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I Can Be Any Woman Video Premiere –

We have a video premiere for I Can Be Any Woman by Kim & Lee – Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry.

The track is taken from the well-received Purple Kittens album. Kimberley Rew is known as an ace songwriter, but I Can Be Any Woman is a Cave-Berry tour de force – words, music, bass and vocal by Lee Cave-Berry.

I Can Be Any Woman is a languid, but subtly intense, musical spell. Enthralling, beguiling and cheekily, sexily witty, all at the same time. Lee explains the inspiration behind this aural gem:

“I wrote this song when Kim and I were in our first year together. The original pilot of Star Trek has a story where the leading lady can become any woman Captain Pike (not Kirk, please note!) wants. I think I may have been channelling that. It didn’t make the cut for Spring Forward [Lee’s excellent solo album, produced by Kim], but listening to it twenty years later when tidying up my music files, Kim and I thought it had something. It totally came alive in the studio. I love Kim’s acoustic, and Liam’s subtle drums on it, but Ranjan Vasudevan’s Carnatic guitar! Ah…”


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